This website was built with Ikiwiki (v3.08, last time I checked) and AsciiDoc

I cobbled together an asciidoc plugin: asciidoc.pm (my first ever perl programming) for ikiwiki.

To use it, this plugin goes in your plugin directory (a local one specified in ikiwiki.setup, or in the system plugin directory) and then you need to add "asciidoc" to the list of plugins specified in ikiwiki.setup - if you don't get this right, then when you try to pass an asciidoc conf to ikiwiki then it'll complain about "Unknown option". Note that asciidoc is probably not suitable for online wiki editing by untrusted users - asciidoc lets you do lots of things which could be used as exploits.

This is a close approximation of the ikiwiki.setup I use for this website. It needs tidying, later, sometime.

This is my directory structure (with some stuff extra stuff chopped out or shortened).
Directories (and files) starting and ending with "_" (or hidden dirs/files) don't get uploaded - they're hiding places for configs and suchlike. Note that I'm purely using ikiwiki for static generation of my website (no online editing by users, trusted or otherwise). My config is probably completely inappropriate and insecure if you were to enable online editing.


This is the [Makefile] I use to tie everything together. It is a mutation of a previous system I used, and needs some tidying (but it works... well, it did work before I munged the secret bits). I suspect that ikiwiki has some concept of persistence of config and that I don't need to be specifying a setup all the time, but I haven't checked out how it works (and I might be completely wrong). I don't use git commits to trigger wiki processing, at the moment.